Howie Holmes

Howie and Debbie Holmes                                                                                                                                                                                                         Holmes Family


Howie Holmes


Pastor, Teacher, Elder


On February 20, 2018, Pastor Howie Holmes experienced a fatal heart attack while driving.  The Lord steered Howie and his son, Nathaniel, off the road safely before Howie’s Savior brought our pastor into Real Life.  The Lord has used the celebration of Pastor Howie’s life to accomplish miraculous works since his passing.  We have seen spiritual revival and renewal throughout Culpeper, Providence Bible Church, and his family as we have all leaned more heavily on our Savior’s work on the cross.  Pastor Howie’s legacy on this earth is not one that can be spent, stolen, or eaten by moths; rather his treasures have been stored up in heaven, and now we have the privilege to walk in a legacy that points us heavenward.  Providence Bible Church has been blessed with a team of six teaching elders who are able to provide Providence Bible Church with expositional preaching that is Spirit-led and full of conviction as we pray for the Lord to raise up another teaching pastor to shepherd this congregation.  Please enjoy Pastor Howie’s biography below as a model of our prayer for our next pastor and continue celebrating the life of Howie.


Providence Bible Church (PBC) welcomed Howie Holmes as pastor in February 2009.  Howie had over thirty years of experience in Christian ministry with strengths in expository preaching of the Word of God, in shepherding of believers in the local church, in connecting with community leaders in the greater Culpeper area, and in relationship building with people of all age groups.  Howie was just the right person to be spiritually leading the PBC body of believers.

After becoming a Christian at a Word of Life basketball marathon during his senior year in high school, Howie attended Lancaster Bible College (LBC) in Pennsylvania and graduated in May 1985.  During his college days, he met Debbie, and they were married in January 1984.  His first job out of college was with LBC, leading their Forerunner Camp Team ministry in the northeastern United States.  It was during his years at LBC that God gave Howie a passion for short-term mission work while performing a summer mission trip in Guam and Micronesia.

In 1988, Howie became a teacher of Bible and advanced science courses at Fredericksburg Christian School (FCS) in Virginia.  While teachers at FCS, Howie and Debbie led several student mission trips to Guatemala. During the 1990s Howie ministered at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg. He became the associate pastor of Stevensburg Baptist Church (SBC) in Stevensburg, Virginia in 1999.  While there, he participated in mission trips to Romania, Hungary, Guatemala, and Haiti with SBC mission teams. With a special interest in the ministry of Double Harvest in Haiti, Howie took many student mission trips there.

Howie and Debbie have three children – Emily (Ryan) Jackson, Abby (Shastri) Seenath, and Nathaniel; and two grandchildren – Sean and Azaria Jackson.  Debbie actively serves at PBC in the music ministry and in the children’s ministry, using her teaching degree from LBC and years of experience teaching the third and fourth graders at Fredericksburg Christian School.  She is employed by the Culpeper County Library.

The link below is to the video of Howie’s Celebration of Life Service.  Note: The first 1 minute and 43 seconds has no audio.

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